At the beginning we shall ask god to be merciful upon the souls of our innocent sacrifices and ask him for his immediate recovery for our patients and wounded people and the sooner return of our missing people.

Due to the sever security condition that our beloved country is confronting with and the interest of the interim Libyan government and the Civil Aviation Authority to facilitate the movement of the people of this country which led the government to make a decision to temporarily base the Civil Aviation Administration in Bayda City so as to be able to carry on its responsibilities and duties in order to insure safe flights and to control its own air space.

Due to the necessity of communication and the keenness of the Civil Aviation Authority on the use of the modern technologies, it has embarked to launch this new web site to be the official website of the Libyan Civil Aviation which is appointed by the legitimate authorities of the Libyan State represented in the house of representatives and the government emerged from it. This is to deal with all national and international entities and for the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority to be officially identified and in turn can publish laws, rules and regulations that govern the movement in Libyan Air Space and through which can deploy communicative information form addresses and emails.

Eventually, we wish to be successful the through this website to provide all services related to Civil Aviation work at both local and international levels.

Sincerely Yours

Abdelhamed Gedalla
Libyan Civil Aviation Director 

Airlines operating in Libya

Emirates Airlines

Etihad Airways

British Airways

Tunis Air

Saudi Airlines

Egypt Air

Swiss Airlines

Trukish Airlines